Welcome to our Southwest Journey through New Mexico!
Our first Coloring Page is finished!

We made it as a 8x10 in Coloring Page

Kestrel Raptor Flying in Canyon Line Artwork Coloring Book Page New Mexico Coloring Book 2w


Which, if you love the colors of New Mexico, you can read more about and get our Kestrel Canyon Coloring Page Here!

Our Kestrel in Canyon Southwest Coloring Page, in hand-drawn ink line artwork. This ink artwork is inspired by the birds of prey of the Southwest and New Mexico, and the stunning canyons of the Amphitheater rock formation in Abiquiu, NM.



Right now we're probably out on an Art-Field-Expedition somewhere in the Southwest Wilderness of New Mexico, exploring the mountains and cactuses and natural formations. That's where our Coloring Book Pages we love making come from, directly from the desert, sort of like how Georgia O'Kieffe painted flowers from the Southwest, we transform it into pages you can make into your own beautiful artwork!


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