Our first finished Coloring Book Page, a Kestrel flying amongst the canyons of New Mexico, looking at us or possibly looking beyond us for its dinner or for a nice place in the shade amongst the mountain pines to rest a bit. 

Drawing and inking the Kestrel in Canyon coloring page for New Mexico Coloring Book.

Inspired by views of the Echo Amphitheater

and the birds of prey that make the skys and trees of New Mexico home, this coloring page reflects our feelings while travelling through New Mexico, the sense of complete freedom and beauty of the open roads and visibility in all directions. Depending on how its colored, the ledges of the canyons could be shrouded in the falling shadows of night, they could be basked in the razor sharp highlights of a golden hued purple desert sunset, or just an ordinarily stunning crystal clear blue of most gorgeous Southwest days. Kestrel in Canyon celebrates everything we love about New Mexico, its ruggedness and yet its delicate weightlessness, all in one. 


How many New Mexico and Southwest Colors can you see in just one canyon?

Copic Markers coloring our New Mexico Coloring Book page, Kestrel in Canyon, our hand drawn & inked coloring book page.

On our Art Field Expeditions around New Mexico and the Southwest, one thing we marvel at constantly is how much the colors of just one place change almost by the minute.  The light and colors of the Southwest can change so much in  such a short time, that there are really infinite colors to paint with. When we made the original drawings of Kestrel in Canyon, we wanted the subjects like Juniper trees and the many layers of sandstone, and undulations of clouds in sky, to inspire your artistic imagination.


While we are making our first New Mexico Coloring Book, you don't have to wait to get your own pages to color!

Our first coloring page, Kestrel in Canyon, is here! It's made on thick paper that you can paint in almost any medium you want, from the traditional Crayolas we used as children, all the way to Copic Markers, Prisma Markers, colored pencils like Derwents, and alcohol inks!

(Your coloring page of Kestrel in Canyon comes without a watermark - It's artistically framed with a border and title which can be easily trimmed away or covered with a frame once you're finished creating your masterpiece!)

Kestrel Raptor Flying in Canyon Line Artwork Coloring Book Page New Mexico Coloring Book 2w



Make sure to send us pictures of your finished artwork! You can follow us on Instagram to join our journey through the Southwest and let us know what you would like to see us explore next! 

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