Almost 600 feet above the legendary Rio Grande, an elegantly crafted steel arch bridge silently connects two edges of a river's ancient gorge through high desert earth. Near Taos, New Mexico, a relaxing trip on the US Highway 64 will take you to a work of functional art that was built in 1965, and is still one of the highest bridges in the United States.

This picture is one from our recent travels from Northern New Mexico down to the Jemez mountain range. You can get a glimpse of how majestically this bridge spans the momentous river chasm. 

A Bridge to Nowhere

We really loved this particular bridge, as New Mexico isn't commonly associated with awe striking engineering feats such as 1,300 foot spans of highly crafted steel. Strangely, it is the home of the birth of the Nuclear Age and has many landmarks we still can't wait to see which speak of engineering marvels rivalling many in history. There is Cochiti Lake, which we are headed to see, and it is another amazing structure, a man made dam that's the eleventh largest similar dam in the world. Poetically, this bridge is almost invisible to its own legacy, something we barely notice or realize drivign across it, how much it symbolizes by its size and how it connects us while we effortlessly drive across an otherwise uncrossable gorge. 

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